Green Visa

Residence Permit For 5 Years 

UAE citizenship and permanent residency in UAE

No sponsor required

Sponsor your family members (parents, spouse, and children) for 5 years

Longer flexible grace periods

UAE Green Visa

The UAE has announced new residence permit for 5 years to attract talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, investors and entrepreneurs. This permit is called Green Visa. IT offers longer flexible grace periods that get to up to six months to stay in the UAE after it expires.  This  Visa is a new visa category that differentiates between work and residency permits in the UAE.


Government of UAE has launched the Green Visa to attract exceptional talents and propel economic growth. This new system of entry and residence permit has been introduced to attract global talents and skilled workers from all over the world.

The Major Benefits Includes:


The following categories are eligible to apply for a Green visa:

Requirements For Freelancers/Self-Employed People

Necessities For Accomplished Employees

Necessities For Investors Or Partners

Steps to apply for UAE Green Visa


The validity for UAE Green visa is 5 years, and eliminates the need of an employer or a UAE national to sponsor for the visa. This also allows his/her family to sponsor for the same number of years.