Visitor visa

A visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa) is an official document that we stick in your passport. It demonstrates that you are eligible to enter Canada. Most visitors to Canada require a visiting visa. If you are travelling through a Canadian airport in transit before arriving at your final location, you could additionally require one. In Canada, most visitors are permitted to stay for up to six months. The border services officer may permit you to stay for less than or more than six months at the port of entry. If so, they will record the deadline for your leaving in your passport. They may also provide you with a visiting record, which will include the time you must depart, along with other information. In the absence of a passport stamp, you may remain in Canada for a period of six months beginning on the day you arrived or, if your passport expires earlier, until the end of your current stay. You can ask a border services officer for a stamp if you need one. Ask the border officer if you arrive at an airport that employs primary inspection kiosks.

A visiting visa or internet travel permission may b needed. The admission paperwork you require is determined by:

 To be qualifying for a visitor visa, you must fulfil just few basic requirements. You must

list of the things you need to look after you apply